September 6th, 2014  -  Family Friendly Music Festival
    Battery Park, Burlington, Vermont

  • Together We Can Help

    After Joe took his life, we felt helpless.  In order to both keep Joe's memory alive and to do something productive, we created the Spreading Light Music Festival to fight mental illness.  For the 2nd Annual Spreading Light Music Festival, we are excited to have the Saint Michael's College Active Minds Chapter join our team.  We dedicate this festival to Joe and all those lost to depression and suicide.

    Come join us to enjoy a family friendly music festival while helping to prevent suicide, depression, and mental illnesses.  Let's change the perception of mental health and encourage people to seek help as soon as it is needed.

    - Spreading Light Music Festival Team
    (Loughner Family & Saint Michael's College Active Minds Chapter)


    All proceeds support Active Minds, a 501(c)3 non-profit, which aims to change the conversation about mental health on college campuses.  Active Minds supports student-run mental health awareness, education, and advocacy groups on college campuses nationwide.


    A family friendly music festival


    Burlington's Battery Park


    Saturday, September 6th, 2014
    2:00 - 5:00 (Gates Open at 1:30 pm)

    Entry Fee:

    More information coming soon.

    What to Bring:

    Blanket / chairs, all your friends and family!

  • More Information Coming Soon

  • Adam Ezra Group

    The Adam Ezra Group (AEG) is not just a band; they are a force to be reckoned with musically, personally and socially.  Selling records and tickets is important to AEG, but they are committed to changing the world with their songs and their actions along the way.  Ezra and his band are activists and community leaders as much as they are musicians and songwriters.  Ezra has spent time living out of a van, farming in Canada, volunteering for the relief effort in Kosovo,and practicing environmental geography in South Africa.  Whether as a kitchen hand or carpenter, teacher, athlete, or traveler, Ezra crams it all into the music, always challenging our perspective and often teetering somewhere between the ballsy rocker and sensitive poet.  Through their new non-profit organization, RallySound, AEG currently contributes 25% of their touring to benefit causes in communities across the country and worldwide.

             •    Band of the Year  - 2013 New England Music Awards

             •    Album of the Year  - Ragtop Angel - 2012 New England Music Awards

             •    Song of the Year  - Takin' Off - 2012 New England Music Awards

    "They are one of the few bands out right now whose music is deep and real. It was an honor to tour with them." - Michael Glabicki, Rusted Root

    "Not since Springsteen and Bono have I seen a lead singer with his talent and charisma." - Jack Casey, General Manager WERS radio in Boston

    more info:
  • The Dupont Brothers

    Two brothers reunite after years of geographical separation by a fortified collaboration in music.  Sam and Zack DuPont are best friends, siblings and now coconspirators in a shared passion that runs deep in their family.  Lush finger-style guitar work is complimented by elegant prose and a vocal blend that could only be matched by blood relation.  The sound is Vermont made folk-rock-americana.

    "Together the DuPont Brothers resonate at just the right frequency.  There were moments that honestly gave me chills." - Dan Bolles, Seven Days VT

    more info:  watch the DuPont brothers
  • Donate and Purchase Tickets

    How To Donate and Purchase Tickets to Support Active Minds

    Donate, purchase tickets or become an event sponsor.  All donations and ticket purchases are tax deductible and proceeds support Active Minds.

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    About Active Minds

    Changing the Conversation about Mental Health

    Active Minds

    Active Minds empowers students to speak openly about mental health in order to educate others and encourage help-seeking.  We are changing the culture on campuses and in the community by providing information, leadership opportunities and advocacy training to the next generation.

    Active Minds was established in 2003 by Alison Malmon after tragically losing her only brother, Brian, to suicide.  Driven to combat the stigma and lack of understanding that she felt contributed to Brian's death, she developed a student organization to promote mental health awareness on her campus. Upon graduating she launched the national nonprofit, Active Minds, Inc.

    Active Minds is the young adult voice in mental health advocacy.  With more than 400 student-led chapters and a dozen nationally acclaimed programs and awareness campaigns, our network is the back-up to so many young adults who are struggling.  For more information, visit

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  • In Recognition of Joseph Loughner and all those lost to suicide

    The Spreading Light Music Festival celebrates the life of Joseph Loughner who took his own life in May 2012.  As Joe's family experiences the tragedy of losing him, they remember him as a kind person, with a love for music, who would want to do good for others.  Let's come together on Saturday, September 6th, 2014 to honor Joe and all those lost to suicide and pledge to fight depression by addressing mental illness in an open and serious way.

  • Resources

    If you know someone who is suicidal, suffers from depression, or other mental illnesses, please seek the necessary help by reaching out to available resources.

    •  Active Minds -

    •  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention -

    •  Howard Center -

    •  National Alliance on Mental Illness -

    •  National and Vermont Suicide and Crisis Hotlines -

    •  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline -

    •  Pathways Vermont (The Wellness Co-Op, Vermont Support Line, Soteria Development Project, Housing First Program, Supportive Services for Veteran Families) -

    •  Vermont 2-1-1 -

    •  Vermont Department of Mental Health -

    •  Vermont Youth Suicide Prevention -

  • Friends of the Spreading Light Music Festival

    •  Labor of Love Music Festival - Suicide prevention and mental health awareness benefit concert in southeastern Wisconsin.

    •  ME2/orchestra & ME2/strings - A classical music organization for individuals with mental illnesses and the people who support them.  ME2/ is based out of Burlington, Vermont.